Verisim is ideally placed to assist your business when:

  • A new application needs to be delivered on time, on budget and on spec;
  • Employees need to be trained on an application as early, safely and efficiently as possible;
  • Communication is required to educate customers on the benefits of online services without any risk to their own account;
  • You are implementing Temenos T24 core banking software.

Training Simulations

Software training simulations are a fast, cost-effective means of training staff on a new or improved system ahead of deployment. Providing a hands-on, risk-free training environment, training simulations equip your employees to hit the ground running. Our training simulation services are flexible and learning can be managed using a wide range of Learning Management Systems.

Transform how you train your staff with Verisim.

Temenos T24 E-Simulations

Our Temenos T24 E-Simulation training solutions simplify user training, giving your employees, wherever they are across the world, invaluable hands on experience of core T24 Banking products.

Maximise investment in your Temenos T24 software with Verisim.

Prototyping Simulations

Ensure stakeholder support, reduce miscommunication and resolve issues early on with a prototype simulation of your proposed application. A prototype simulation is rapid, flexible and iterative, providing a common, easily understood blueprint.

Quickly prototype web, desktop and mobile applications with Verisim.

Customer Demonstrations

Our solutions can be used to help market and socialise your consumer facing applications. You can introduce customers to new features and show them how to get the best from your services, effectively reducing everyday customer enquiries.

Market and socialise your applications and services with Verisim.

Combined services

You can combine our services to apply the benefits of our solution across your software lifecycle. Our simulations are reusable at each stage, increasing the benefits of your investment.

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